Real Estate

OnLine Training's (OLT) Real Estate School has been under development for several years, and we are excited to be able to present to you the first group of state-approved courses, with more on their way!

OLT Real Estate courses are brand new, state-approved, and follow the proven pedagogical teaching methods OLT has been using in our online courses for over 20 years! Also featured are brief videos or animations to enhance the learning of major concepts or introduce the lesson.

Check out a demo of the first unit of our Sales Associate pre-licensing course here.

Check out a demo of the beginning of one of the Real Estate CE courses here.

We also are an affiliate for Florida Real Estate School, and have links to their website where additional Real Estate courses may be purchased.

Receive immediate access (as soon as your payment is cleared and you receive the automated email) to courses when you purchase online through this catalog (using credit/debit).

Course Extension (30 day)

Course Extension (30 day)

Haven't finished your course yet?  Only one day left before it expires?  Here is the solut..